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Car Racing

Space Race Space Race Plays: 6281   

Race in the high tech laps with your spaceship. You can get better with upgrades and fly even faster than Obi Wan Kenobi.
How to Play?

Arrow Keys to navigate / CTRL to T-Boost / P to Pause
Race your opponents and upgrade your ship with the credits you make.

Neon Race 2 Neon Race 2 Plays: 8414   

Race at super speeds through futuristic landscapes. More speed, more upgrades, more unlocks, more TURBO!

Street Racer Street Racer Plays: 10634   

A very sophisticated remake in a legendary flash game. Nice graphics and amazing cars. All you have to do is drive as fast as you can in the streets of different cities.
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Steer Your Vehicle, SHIFT: Speed up. You have to get the bonuses on the way to fill up the NOS tank in order to speed up.

Phineas and Ferb Phineas and Ferb Plays: 15041   

Phineas and Ferb game... All the children like Phineas and Ferb. In this game you have to design a car and you have to race. You can play alone or with your friend with two player mode. After design your car, begin to race. Have Fun...

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Truck Driver Truck Driver Plays: 7087   

You are after the dog catchers. It's up to you to free the cute puppies from the brutal hands of this dog police. Use your weapons
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Control your truck, SPACE: Attack. Too much damage destroys your truck.

Cone Crazy Cone Crazy Plays: 6087   

You have 30 seconds to drive over and knock down all the cones.

The Flintstones Race 2 The Flintstones Race 2 Plays: 11660   

Race with Fred in stoneage without crash. Crazy racing game and you should get best time score. Play it game.

Extreme Jet Ski Extreme Jet Ski Plays: 16901   

Drive your jet ski in a course of ramps loops and obstacles. Go as fast as you can get the stars and reach the checkpoints.
How to Play?

Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean Don't flip your vehicle

All Dirt Bike Games

Dirt Bike

Free Style Bmx Free Style Bmx Plays: 9852   

Ride your BMX and make few stunts to pass each level. Upgrade your bike to do amazing stunts.

Risky Rider 2 Risky Rider 2 Plays: 7824   

Risky Rider 2 Ready to play now ! Its the bigger and better big brother of Risky Rider 1

Dirt Bike Challenge Dirt Bike Challenge Plays: 7864   

Ride your dirt bike over the obstacles and finish the tracks as fast as you can, Make the crowd cheer even more for you!
How to Play?

Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean Don't flip your vehicle

Moto X Madness Moto X Madness Plays: 8879   

You will need more than speed to take the gold in all 4 events

All Motorbike Games


Speed Biker Speed Biker Plays: 6197   

If you like speed and motorbikes, this is a game for you. Ride your motorcycle, stay on the road and avoid traffic.

Death vs. Good Death vs. Good Plays: 8659   

Race your motorbike across the junkyard, pass the flag first or destroy your opponent along the way to win!
How to Play?

Left, Right: Brake, Gas / Up:Jump / Space: Use PowerUp

Maxdirtbike Maxdirtbike Plays: 9045   

This is very funy motorbike game...

Bike Champ 2 Bike Champ 2 Plays: 8535   

Extraordinary motorbike championship on your likeness. Select game style and bike afterwards start to play game. You should overcoming all the obstacle forjumping over them. Than, you have to be fast. Have a good race.

All Parking Games


18 Wheeler I 18 Wheeler I Plays: 6706   

You have a big truck and you have to park in time to yellow box. Becareful don't crash your track.

Parking Hooligan Parking Hooligan Plays: 6792   

Damage all of the cards on your way to the parking space!

Parking Zone Parking Zone Plays: 6787   

Drive each car to it's own parking zone. Click on a car to make it cro the bridge to the empty zone. You ca ot move a car that is not co ected to the empty zone.

Park the Taxi Park the Taxi Plays: 7595   

You are a taxi driver working your bum off and you still need to park at the end of the day in the crowded city of Bombay.
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Control your car. Don't hit anything on the way.

All Tuning Games


GT Car Tunning GT Car Tunning Plays: 8340   

Paint, put accessories and vinyls to make your own pimp GT car. Everyone has their own choices right?
How to Play?

Select the stage you want to modify your car and click on arrows to pick your choice.

Hummer Tuning Hummer Tuning Plays: 6837   

Modify your own Hummer H3 however you want.

Audi Q7 Tuning Audi Q7 Tuning Plays: 6593   

Modify your own Audi Q7 however you want.

Pimp My Jeep Pimp My Jeep Plays: 6516   

Modify your classic Jeep and take it for a ride. Pimp it up and make Xibit envy.
How to Play?

Click on the arrows to pick your favorite color, shape etc. Than click next to take your vehicle for a ride in your favorite landscape.

All Drag Racing Games

Drag Racing

Counter Drift Counter Drift Plays: 5834   

Get ready for some extreme hard hitting racing action with different awesome cars on a variety of tracks. Build your reputation as a racer in the career mode. Buy new cars, upgrade them and race in different events to earn money and reputation. You can also repair damaged cars.

Dirty Drag Dirty Drag Plays: 9075   

It's not important that your car makes it to the finish in one piece—just that it makes it first. How to Play: Up/Down = Accelerate/Brake Left/Right = Tilt Z = Use Rocket (when equipped) X = Jump Space = Pause

Drag Race Demon 2 Drag Race Demon 2 Plays: 7402   

Not enough drag racing fun for you this upgraded version is the greatest drag racing flash game ever. Race, win buy new parts and modify your car however you want.
How to Play?

Click and drag the arrow key to accelerate / Up, Down: Gear up and down. SHIFT: Nitro if you have bought it.

Drag Race Demon Drag Race Demon Plays: 7637   

Go as fast as you can and accelerate as soon as you can, that is the drag race. You have a monster engine under you and don't hesitate to use it!
How to Play?

Click and drag the arrow key on the bottom and accelerate your car, as you win and get money you can upgrade your car with better parts and tune it into a drag monster.

All Truck Games


Truck School Truck School Plays: 9763   

It's not easy to drive a truck this big, you need to go to the school first.
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Control your truck. Go between the cones to the way of arrows and don't damage your truck as the cones inflict damage.

Towing Mania Towing Mania Plays: 10081   

Who rules the streets of towing land? Prove that you do! How to Play: Arrows = Drive Space = Brake X = Hook/Unhook Cars

Bomb Detonator Truck Bomb Detonator Truck Plays: 7841   

You have a very important mission for the US army, detonate the bombs before they explode, pick up the bonuses on the way and remember time is running out 3,2,1.....
How to Play?

Arrow Keys: Control your truck, you get a few more seconds when you level up.

18 Wheeler 3: Truck Missions 18 Wheeler 3: Truck Missions Plays: 12005   

You are an old truck driver back in your city and the mafia wants you to work for them again. Smash into cars, deliver unlawful goods and do all their dirty work to make a better place.
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Control the Truck / 1,2,3: Adjust Truck Speed / S: Sound / Q: Display quality.

All Monster Truck Games

Monster Truck

Destruction Truck Destruction Truck Plays: 7282   

Destroy everything in your way with your crazy truck. It gets better once you are in the mall.
How to Play?

Right, Left: Accelerate, Slow Down / Up, Down: Lean. Destroy everything both in the air and on the ground. You may need to make crazy jumps from the ramps on the way.

Monster Trucks Nitro Monster Trucks Nitro Plays: 9633   

Race, jump and nitroboost your massive Monster Trucks over crazy cool tracks.

4 Wheel Madness 3 4 Wheel Madness 3 Plays: 6480   

The ultimate truck racing game!

Top Truck Top Truck Plays: 5921   

This is an awesome stunts game will keep you driving trucks for hours. Try to destroy cars with your monster truck.

All Bike Racing Games

Bike Racing

Mini Motorcycle Mini Motorcycle Plays: 7890   

Mini motorbikes with engineered fun courses. Get on your mini bike and race your opponents. Watch out for your knees as they may touch the ground.
How To Play/br> Arrow Keys: Control your Bike.

Super Bike Race Super Bike Race Plays: 9157   

Reach amazing speed with your bike and race your opponents. Win each race to advance
How to Play?

Up / Down: Accelerate / Break, RIGHT / LEFT: Steer the bike. You have limited fuel, you can go to pit stop and stop on the fuel sign to fill it up!

Snowy Race Snowy Race Plays: 7873   

Race with a snow mobile! How often you can have this fun. Race the time and glide on the snow with a roaring engine under you.
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Steer / F: Turn Off Snow effects / P: Pause / Space: Fire Snow Balls.

Bmx Pro Rider Bmx Pro Rider Plays: 6752   

Ride your bike over jumps and pipes as you make the most amazing stunts with your old BMX, show them how it's done and don't crash!
How to Play?

Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean / Q,W,E: Hard Tricks / A,S,D: Easy Tricks / Z,X: Rear and Front Brake

All Horse Games


Lisa and Bandit Lisa and Bandit Plays: 7846   

They have desided that they want to have a long fresh ride in the great outdoors.Lisa is an experienced Rider and BANDIT is a fantastic Jumper. Are you able to guide them safely thought all the obstacles out in the nature ?.

Jumpers Jumpers Plays: 5919   

Another interesting English Sport. As a talented jockey jump over five fences and advance to the next race.
How to Play?

UP: Run / SPACE: Jump. Go around the course and jump over the fences in order. You get disqualified if you hit the fences incorrectly.

Horse Run Horse Run Plays: 6150   

Goal of the Horse Run Game is to avoid touching the barrier and reach the goal .For this Use the LEFT and RIGHT key to control the left or right position.Press the UP kay to store energy and release it while you want to jump

Horce Race Horce Race Plays: 7310   

Bet on the horse you think is going to win at the horse racing! How to Play: Select which horses you think are going to win. arrow key red = slow down arrow key green = speed up