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Car Racing

Formula 1 Champion Formula 1 Champion Plays: 8005   

Try to pass the other F1 cars. Turn quick enough at the corners. If you crash other cars, you will be slower. Use arrow keys for play.

Speed Way Challenge Speed Way Challenge Plays: 11585   

Race around the track as fast as you can in your super car!

Gear Up Gear Up Plays: 8709   

Lets take this beauty for a spin! You are racing against the bad boys in the neighborhood and you want to prove them that this little beast is ready to pull some steam.

She waits two minutes She waits two minutes Plays: 8019   

Your girlfriend is waiting for you. You have to drive fast to meet girlfriend. You have to be fast...

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Rocket Car Rocket Car Plays: 6588   

Maneuver your rocket car and collect the red dots which is rocket fuel for your car to fly and reach the exit for the next level. Have fun driving your rocket car! Game controls: Arrow Keys - Move. Up Arrow Key - Use rocket fuel.

Deadly Race Deadly Race Plays: 6760   

Drive through the street collecting items and killing bad guys in a race to the death.

Never Kart Driving Never Kart Driving Plays: 5343   

Steer your vehicle, pick up bonuses, and avoid obstacles! How to Play: Arrow key Up = accelerate Arrow key Down = brake Left/Right arrows = Move left/right

Dog Catcher Dog Catcher Plays: 7355   

You are a Dog Police and you're goal is to free all the dogs catch by th Dog Catcher car. Drive down the road and find that Dog Catcher, the use the car weapon and stop it as fast as possible.

All Dirt Bike Games

Dirt Bike

Bike Mania Bike Mania Plays: 6615   

The third Bike Mania game has finally arrived with much more fun on ice! Show off your skills in different obstacles on ice.

Super Bike Super Bike Plays: 6183   

It's fun to ride a dirt bike, obstacles? It's even better
How to Play?

Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean Break everything that stands in your way, try to stay on your wheels and not fall down.

ATV Extreme ATV Extreme Plays: 8870   

Crazy obstacles in the way and there is a monster ATV under you, what are you going to do?
How to Play?

Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean

Dirt Bike Challenge Dirt Bike Challenge Plays: 7967   

Ride your dirt bike over the obstacles and finish the tracks as fast as you can, Make the crowd cheer even more for you!
How to Play?

Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean Don't flip your vehicle

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Showtime! Showtime! Plays: 9298   

Pull back the throttle and jump the huge gaps. Adjust the ramps and you will fly like a bird.
How to Play?

Click on the arrow keys on the first screen to look at the track and adjust the ramp height. Click Start and drag the arrow to find out how fast you will go.

Gun Express Gun Express Plays: 8646   

Good quality graphics Gun Express its a brilliant game Gun Express I am sure you will enjoy this game. its very chalenging Gun Express game.

Maxdirtbike Maxdirtbike Plays: 9195   

This is very funy motorbike game...

Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle Racing Plays: 6915   

Race with other motorcycle in this cool motorcycle racing tournament.

All Parking Games


Glamour Parking Glamour Parking Plays: 8958   Support High Score

You're the only car parking guy, you have to park all the luxury cars without a crash.

Car Park Chaos Car Park Chaos Plays: 7156   

This is one great parking game. All you need to do is to park the cars as they come to the parking. For each car there will be market place with red flashing color. You need to drive the car and park it good to get some money

Park the Taxi Park the Taxi Plays: 7729   

You are a taxi driver working your bum off and you still need to park at the end of the day in the crowded city of Bombay.
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Control your car. Don't hit anything on the way.

Parking Space Parking Space Plays: 9132   

Park the car as accurately as possible into marked spaces without hitting any obstacles...

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GT Car Tunning GT Car Tunning Plays: 8416   

Paint, put accessories and vinyls to make your own pimp GT car. Everyone has their own choices right?
How to Play?

Select the stage you want to modify your car and click on arrows to pick your choice.

Cars 4 Girls Cars 4 Girls Plays: 9636   

Girls have different reasons to pick a car. Kristine, Cindy and Lela have different choices for cars and as a car dealer you are the one the show them the car they will love.
How to Play?

Click arrows to pick the best car for each girl, make them drive it around a little bit and advance they love what you make for them.

Design Your Ride Design Your Ride Plays: 7479   

Design your ride and pimp it up! Different cars will have different styles of course.
How to Play?

Click on arrows on the screen to change the appearance of your car. Than you can take it to different locations and see how it looks.

Create a Ride Create a Ride Plays: 18250   

Create your own dream car with all the features, customize the cars exterior to whatever you want.. How to Play? Click the arrows to customize your car.

All Drag Racing Games

Drag Racing

Drag Race Demon Drag Race Demon Plays: 7722   

Go as fast as you can and accelerate as soon as you can, that is the drag race. You have a monster engine under you and don't hesitate to use it!
How to Play?

Click and drag the arrow key on the bottom and accelerate your car, as you win and get money you can upgrade your car with better parts and tune it into a drag monster.

Drag Race Demon 2 Drag Race Demon 2 Plays: 7481   

Not enough drag racing fun for you this upgraded version is the greatest drag racing flash game ever. Race, win buy new parts and modify your car however you want.
How to Play?

Click and drag the arrow key to accelerate / Up, Down: Gear up and down. SHIFT: Nitro if you have bought it.

Drag Racer Drag Racer Plays: 9341   

An easy drag racing game with amazing cars.
How to Play?

SPACE: Accelerate, UP/DOWN: Gear up / Gear down.

Counter Drift Counter Drift Plays: 5906   

Get ready for some extreme hard hitting racing action with different awesome cars on a variety of tracks. Build your reputation as a racer in the career mode. Buy new cars, upgrade them and race in different events to earn money and reputation. You can also repair damaged cars.

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Extreme Truck III - Asia Extreme Truck III - Asia Plays: 8625   

Compete against the best players on each track, win every race and unlock new bonus levels. Bigger, faster, stronger!!The third version of the Extreme Trucks series brings spectacular new features like ghost car and hidden features in Asian. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your car and balance it.

Bomb Detonator Truck Bomb Detonator Truck Plays: 7929   

You have a very important mission for the US army, detonate the bombs before they explode, pick up the bonuses on the way and remember time is running out 3,2,1.....
How to Play?

Arrow Keys: Control your truck, you get a few more seconds when you level up.

OffRoaders OffRoaders Plays: 10859   

This is a good 3d car racing game.An exciting Offroad racing game.Race on 10 different tracks and win cash to unlock more cars.Have Fun!

18 Wheeler 3: Truck Missions 18 Wheeler 3: Truck Missions Plays: 12112   

You are an old truck driver back in your city and the mafia wants you to work for them again. Smash into cars, deliver unlawful goods and do all their dirty work to make a better place.
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Control the Truck / 1,2,3: Adjust Truck Speed / S: Sound / Q: Display quality.

All Monster Truck Games

Monster Truck

Top Truck Top Truck Plays: 5999   

This is an awesome stunts game will keep you driving trucks for hours. Try to destroy cars with your monster truck.

Fronthoe Trial Fronthoe Trial Plays: 6161   

Climb as far as you can with your mini excavator, while using bucket for help. You've got 3 minutes to reach the finish

Buggy Madness Buggy Madness Plays: 5309   

Your Monster truck has a buggy look this time, go over crashing cars, exploding barrels and pick up the stars on the way
How to Play?

Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean. Don't flip your vehicle

Las Vegas Hummer Las Vegas Hummer Plays: 6368   

Drive your Hummer through the strip of Las Vegas and see if you can complete all 20 levels in time.Extremely gigant car Hummer on the Vegas road. You have to complete all the levels on time. Buy upgrades for better car performance.Realy crazy game and try to play game

All Bike Racing Games

Bike Racing

Turbo Bike Turbo Bike Plays: 7367   

Pull the throttle and race through cities going 180 mph, Enjoy the ride with your amazing motorbike!
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Control your bike. Race to the checkpoints to gain more time.

Downhill Mayhem Downhill Mayhem Plays: 7851   

Pedal downhill as fast as you can to make the biggest jump and the craziest tricks with your bike. You'll get judged at the end of the run.
How to Play?

UP: Accelerate, SPACE: Jump, SPACE + ARROW KEYS: Tricks. Hit space right before the edges to make a bigger jump and calculate well as you have to land on your wheels after tricks.

Super Bike Race Super Bike Race Plays: 9339   

Reach amazing speed with your bike and race your opponents. Win each race to advance
How to Play?

Up / Down: Accelerate / Break, RIGHT / LEFT: Steer the bike. You have limited fuel, you can go to pit stop and stop on the fuel sign to fill it up!

Mini Motorcycle Mini Motorcycle Plays: 7987   

Mini motorbikes with engineered fun courses. Get on your mini bike and race your opponents. Watch out for your knees as they may touch the ground.
How To Play/br> Arrow Keys: Control your Bike.

All Horse Games


Fast Horse Race Fast Horse Race Plays: 7041   

You have a beautiful horse under you to finish the last run of the day. Win the game and get the jackpot.
How to Play?

UP, DOWN: Accelerate, Slow down / LEFT, RIGHT: Go left, right / CTRL: Whip / SPACE: Jump. Jump the obstacles on the way but be aware of your energy, if you accelerate or whip too much your horse will get too tired.

Lisa and Bandit Lisa and Bandit Plays: 7931   

They have desided that they want to have a long fresh ride in the great outdoors.Lisa is an experienced Rider and BANDIT is a fantastic Jumper. Are you able to guide them safely thought all the obstacles out in the nature ?.

Horce Racing Horce Racing Plays: 6967   

Buy a horse and make him the best beast in country. Race in all hippodromes and make a fortune
How to Play?

Whip your horse with space but don't tire or make him too angry to race. Your horse learns and gets better with training and items from shops. You need money to be able to race in different tracks too.

Jumpers Jumpers Plays: 6020   

Another interesting English Sport. As a talented jockey jump over five fences and advance to the next race.
How to Play?

UP: Run / SPACE: Jump. Go around the course and jump over the fences in order. You get disqualified if you hit the fences incorrectly.