All Car Racing Games

Car Racing

Splash and Dash Splash and Dash Plays: 6620   

Splash and Dash is a Realistic Formula 1 racing at your finger tips, but be warned overtaking other cars is just as hard in the real hard Formula 1 world.

Mini GP Mini GP Plays: 7119   

Not satisfied with the karting games out there? Then build your own!

Gear Up Gear Up Plays: 8966   

Lets take this beauty for a spin! You are racing against the bad boys in the neighborhood and you want to prove them that this little beast is ready to pull some steam.

Formula Racer Formula Racer Plays: 15635   

This is a 3d car racing game with beautiful graphics. You have to race with your arrow keys. Formula racer is a very funny game. You need concantretion to keep on way. have Fun.

All Driving Games


Turbo Crew Turbo Crew Plays: 10191   

Race your fast ride around the city and teach the rival crews a lesson - thsi city is yours and you intend to keep it...

The Flintstones Race 2 The Flintstones Race 2 Plays: 12414   

Race with Fred in stoneage without crash. Crazy racing game and you should get best time score. Play it game.

Polly Party Pickup Polly Party Pickup Plays: 6941   

Help Polly pick up friends for her birthday party at the mall. Watch the arrow in the bottom right hand corner so you know where to go

Safari Shootout Safari Shootout Plays: 277701   

Drive in the wilderness of Africa and shoot the beasts. Oh wait, it's just the cardboard pictures you shoot with a paint gun.
How to Play?

Left, Right: Steer the Jeep / Up: Jump / Mouse Button: Shoot.

All Dirt Bike Games

Dirt Bike

ATV Tag ATV Tag Plays: 7589   

Go over the obstacles while trying not to blow up the amazing machine under you.
How to Play?
Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean. Don't flip your vehicle or it will explode. Pick up the bouncing orbs for more points.

Fmx Team Motorbike Fmx Team Motorbike Plays: 7114   

Ride with Fmx Team members Rossi, Travis and Tyson. Fly in the air and do tricks and the judges will love you!
How to Play?

Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean. Press 1,2 or 3 to do tricks in the air. Try to beat the score of the level.

Red Cross Red Cross Plays: 7928   

Ride your bike slowly and carefully as you deal with the terrain.

Biking Beauty Biking Beauty Plays: 8286   

Ride your bike through different obstacles in the playground as fast as you can!

All Motorbike Games


Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle Racing Plays: 7158   

Race with other motorcycle in this cool motorcycle racing tournament.

Maxdirtbike Maxdirtbike Plays: 9522   

This is very funy motorbike game...

Chopper Race Chopper Race Plays: 10383   

Classic race game with a chopper this time. Race in different tracks
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Control the bike, Checkpoints add time to the race.

Doom Rider Doom Rider Plays: 6244   

This game lets you drive a bike straight through the underworld where to other road users seem to be only skeletons and other strange creatures. In order to escape this evil place, without being caught by the skeletons you have to drive fast, and make sure you reach all the checkpoints in time!

All Parking Games


Park A Lot Park A Lot Plays: 8255   

You park a lot. Can you park the whole lot.. or will you be overwhelmed? How to Play? ARROW KEYS: Move SPACE: Handbrake Backspace - Get out of the car

Parking Space Parking Space Plays: 9363   

Park the car as accurately as possible into marked spaces without hitting any obstacles...

Park the Taxi Park the Taxi Plays: 8044   

You are a taxi driver working your bum off and you still need to park at the end of the day in the crowded city of Bombay.
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Control your car. Don't hit anything on the way.

Parking Training 2 Parking Training 2 Plays: 7318   

Practice makes perfect—especially for parallel parking!

All Tuning Games


Audi Q7 Tuning Audi Q7 Tuning Plays: 6867   

Modify your own Audi Q7 however you want.

Cars 4 Girls Cars 4 Girls Plays: 11647   

Girls have different reasons to pick a car. Kristine, Cindy and Lela have different choices for cars and as a car dealer you are the one the show them the car they will love.
How to Play?

Click arrows to pick the best car for each girl, make them drive it around a little bit and advance they love what you make for them.

Pimp My Jeep Pimp My Jeep Plays: 6833   

Modify your classic Jeep and take it for a ride. Pimp it up and make Xibit envy.
How to Play?

Click on the arrows to pick your favorite color, shape etc. Than click next to take your vehicle for a ride in your favorite landscape.

Crazy Craft Crazy Craft Plays: 6858   

All vehicles have an engine, body, and wheels. Later you'll get joints to hold parts together and weapons to fight bad guys. To move parts around the Assembly Window, click a part and then where you'd like to place it.

All Drag Racing Games

Drag Racing

Drag Race Demon Drag Race Demon Plays: 7946   

Go as fast as you can and accelerate as soon as you can, that is the drag race. You have a monster engine under you and don't hesitate to use it!
How to Play?

Click and drag the arrow key on the bottom and accelerate your car, as you win and get money you can upgrade your car with better parts and tune it into a drag monster.

Drag Racer Drag Racer Plays: 9589   

An easy drag racing game with amazing cars.
How to Play?

SPACE: Accelerate, UP/DOWN: Gear up / Gear down.

Drag Racing Ultimate Drag Racing Ultimate Plays: 8654   

Go as fast as you can with amazing cars, that is the beauty of drag racing. Push the limits of the engine and shift at the perfect time. Maybe you'll get to drive a real ultimate drag racing car.
How to Play?

SPACE: Accelerate / Up, Down: Gear up and down. Shift when the red light starts flashing on the panel.

Drag Race Demon 2 Drag Race Demon 2 Plays: 7699   

Not enough drag racing fun for you this upgraded version is the greatest drag racing flash game ever. Race, win buy new parts and modify your car however you want.
How to Play?

Click and drag the arrow key to accelerate / Up, Down: Gear up and down. SHIFT: Nitro if you have bought it.

All Truck Games


Fire Truck Fire Truck Plays: 7796   

Overcome obstacles and put out the fire truck

Towing Mania Towing Mania Plays: 10439   

Who rules the streets of towing land? Prove that you do! How to Play: Arrows = Drive Space = Brake X = Hook/Unhook Cars

18 Wheeler 3: Truck Missions 18 Wheeler 3: Truck Missions Plays: 12375   

You are an old truck driver back in your city and the mafia wants you to work for them again. Smash into cars, deliver unlawful goods and do all their dirty work to make a better place.
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Control the Truck / 1,2,3: Adjust Truck Speed / S: Sound / Q: Display quality.

Bomb Detonator Truck Bomb Detonator Truck Plays: 8165   

You have a very important mission for the US army, detonate the bombs before they explode, pick up the bonuses on the way and remember time is running out 3,2,1.....
How to Play?

Arrow Keys: Control your truck, you get a few more seconds when you level up.

All Monster Truck Games

Monster Truck

Fire Truck 2 Fire Truck 2 Plays: 6608   

There's no obstacle you can't tackle when there's a fire to get to.

Military War Machine Military War Machine Plays: 7770   

Drive the War truck with an intense gun on top through the terrorist cities and try to make it to the base. Don't forget to destroy everything in your way.
How to Play?

Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean. Don't flip your vehicle

Destoyer Truck Destoyer Truck Plays: 7099   

Drive and jump and do stunts with your monster truck and run over everything in your way, you'll want to have one after playing.
How to Play?

Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean
Break everything that stands in your way, try to stay on your wheels and not fall down.

Truck Adventure Truck Adventure Plays: 6064   

Drive your monster truck through the rocky roads of Grand Canyon. Make extreme jumps and stunts and get the points.
How to Play?

Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean, Shift: Boost. Drive until you reach the flag to advance to next level. Don't flip your vehicle

All Bike Racing Games

Bike Racing

Bmx Pro Rider Bmx Pro Rider Plays: 7057   

Ride your bike over jumps and pipes as you make the most amazing stunts with your old BMX, show them how it's done and don't crash!
How to Play?

Up, Down: Accelerate, Slow Down / Left, Right: Lean / Q,W,E: Hard Tricks / A,S,D: Easy Tricks / Z,X: Rear and Front Brake

Tricky BMX Tricky BMX Plays: 6387   

Go up and flip the bicycle, jump as high as you can and make the hardest tricks with you bmx.
How to Play?

Right, Left: Pedal and brake / Up, Down: Lean / 1-9: Tricks / SPACE: Jump.

Snowy Race Snowy Race Plays: 8247   

Race with a snow mobile! How often you can have this fun. Race the time and glide on the snow with a roaring engine under you.
How to Play?

ARROW KEYS: Steer / F: Turn Off Snow effects / P: Pause / Space: Fire Snow Balls.

Bmx Race Bmx Race Plays: 7711   

You are a loser still going to work with a BMX, at least race other losers. Jump over obstacles and collect the bonuses in the air and beat your opponent to the finish.
How to Play?

UP and DOWN: Pedal with your bike, SPACE: Jump, if in the air double jump.

All Horse Games


Horce Racing Horce Racing Plays: 7204   

Buy a horse and make him the best beast in country. Race in all hippodromes and make a fortune
How to Play?

Whip your horse with space but don't tire or make him too angry to race. Your horse learns and gets better with training and items from shops. You need money to be able to race in different tracks too.

Horce Race Horce Race Plays: 7636   

Bet on the horse you think is going to win at the horse racing! How to Play: Select which horses you think are going to win. arrow key red = slow down arrow key green = speed up

Fast Horse Race Fast Horse Race Plays: 7278   

You have a beautiful horse under you to finish the last run of the day. Win the game and get the jackpot.
How to Play?

UP, DOWN: Accelerate, Slow down / LEFT, RIGHT: Go left, right / CTRL: Whip / SPACE: Jump. Jump the obstacles on the way but be aware of your energy, if you accelerate or whip too much your horse will get too tired.

Jumpers Jumpers Plays: 6279   

Another interesting English Sport. As a talented jockey jump over five fences and advance to the next race.
How to Play?

UP: Run / SPACE: Jump. Go around the course and jump over the fences in order. You get disqualified if you hit the fences incorrectly.